March 24, 2014

Sydney – Where Spirits Dwell

March 8, 2014


February 12, 2014

19th Sydney Biennale interview

January 12, 2014

The Crime Was Almost Perfect @ Witt de With Contemporary Art Center Rotterdam


Check out the on-line interventions of Jonas Lund and myself. The show will feature old and new works.

Reaching for the High Hanging Fruit
November 26, 2013

Here a screensaver download. One of the results of a performance project I did for Performa The Prompt in 2010. Note: if you are using Mac, you might get warned that this is not a Apple approved download. However, its safe. So go ahead, trust me, I am an artist.

Super Sargasso Sea (Phantom Play #1)
November 18, 2013

The stage is set, the lights flash, and the foley art sounds. You wait, because you’re lazy, yet this is where you’ll find satisfaction. But first, may I ask you some questions? Do people gabbing away on mobile phones annoy you? And on the subject of phones, why do people pay for, and get off [...]

November 10, 2013

Opening November 16th

Habitat Sequence 2013
November 6, 2013